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Do I need an appointment to come to CLICK10?

When you come for the first time, an appointment is necessary to set an exclusive time, meet us in person, explain to you how we work, show you some of our albums, etc... If you come to pick up the USB, albums, or the video, you can always do it during our regular schedule without an appointment.

You have already sent us the quotation, what are the next steps?

A meeting in the studio with Leticia or a videocall, from that moment we will reserve the date for two weeks. Once you have confirmed that you want to work with us, we will send you the form and the contract, you can do it in our studio or digitally. For this second option you will have to tell us exactly what you want to hire.

What if there is information on the form that I don't know?

It is imperative that you fill in the information in bold, the rest you will finish filling out with the photographers in the meeting you will have the week of the wedding.

How are payments made?

The contract specifies the amount of the reservation and our bank details. The rest is payed in the week of the wedding.

When do we meet our team of photographers?

Your photographers will contact you the week before the wedding, to arrange the date and time of the meeting you will have with at least one of them the week of the wedding.

Do the photographers stay until the end of the party?

No, the photographers stay for a maximum of 12 hours since the begining of the wedding, from the bride and grooms preparations before the ceremony.

When are the wedding photos provided?

The Friday after the wedding you will receive a preview with the most important moments of your day, the complete reportage is delivered approximately 45 days after the wedding.


What is the process and time frame for the albums?

From the moment you send us the selection of photos it takes about a month to send you the first sketch (where you can make any changes you want). Once you give us the new approval, we have a maximum of another month to receive your albums.

When is the wedding video provided?

CLICK10's video services are available approximately 90 days after the day of your wedding.


Can I hire the video after signing the contract?

Yes, no problem, just send us an email and we will take care of the arrangements, subject to availability.

Can I order the album after signing the contract?

Yes, without any problem, before or after the wedding. Write us an email and we will take care of the arrangements.



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