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Click10 is a family-owned company founded in 1997 that revolutionized the social photography of its time, leaving behind the static poses so typical of those years to create natural photos that capture all moments and emotions.

Since 2017, it has been led by the married couple composed of Leticia Salinero and Javier Rovira, lawyers by profession, who, after spending a significant part of their professional lives in the banking sector and living in the United States for seven years, returned to Spain in 2014. In that year, Leticia joined the studio to take care of the commercial aspect, and in 2016, Javier did the same to oversee the financial side. Since January 2017, both took over the reins of the studio, keeping the team intact, which has been a fundamental part for so many years, and preserving the same essence and philosophy from its beginnings.

Alongside them is Luis Morelli and his team, who has been leading the videography team since the beginning. Their constant commitment has been a key piece in the history of Click10.


CLICK10 wouldn't be anything without the team of photographers and videographers. Each one of them has a true passion for their profession and excellent technical training. They are a permanent team, working exclusively with us for many years. There is no one like the #click10dreamteam.


CLICK10 has managed to stay at the top of its field since its launch 26 years ago, keeping tradition alive while also innovating.  Creating a balance between artistic and professional photographs that leave you speechless, never-to-be-missed, memorable moments.  Our passion for storytelling mixed with our love for portraying the personalities of those we photograph, results in a beautiful gallery of captured emotions, a glimpse of feelings, creating a spectacular narrative that becomes a lifelong memory. All this combined with an exquisite treatment from the moment you come to the studio for the first time, to the day of the event and the delivery of the photographs, making it an unforgettable experience.

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