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Clotilde and Juan. Married in Menorca.

Photography: Click 10 Fotografia

At Click10, we are thrilled to have family repeat wedding photographers, whether they're siblings or cousins. This particular wedding fills me with excitement as I've known Juan all my life, and we've previously captured the weddings of both his brother Alvaro and now his own.

Having a personal connection with Juan and being part of his family's previous celebrations adds a special touch to this upcoming wedding, making it a truly meaningful and unforgettable experience.

Clotilde and Juan got married in Menorca, where the bride spends the summer with her family.

During the preparations, Clotilde opted for a gown from Diseño 2 Lenceria, while her hair and makeup were done by Lovely Serendipia. All eyes were drawn to the family tiara, making it the center of attention.

Macarena and Javier from From Lista With Love were in charge of the dress, creating a very special design with a skirt and train featuring openings that revealed a shimmering fabric, just like the sleeves.

Clotilde chose a classic Chanel design for her shoes, which perfectly complemented her overall look.

The ceremony, officiated by D. Jose Pedro Manglano, took place at the Church of Santa Maria. Juan welcomed all the guests, accompanied by his nephews dressed in Sio Ropa Infantil.

Hakuna Group Music accompanied them during the ceremony, and many of the musicians are close friends of the couple. I'm not exaggerating when I say that while looking at the photos of this wedding ceremony, I shed tears; you can feel the love, the emotions, and the sense of serenity that filled the air.

I adore seeing them surrounded by their family and friends on such a special day like their wedding, where every moment reflects their true selves. As I always say, your wedding cannot be compared to any other because it's a unique day, and it should be a reflection of who you are.

At the church's entrance, an old Mini was waiting for them to transport them to the estate.

The celebration took place at the Fortaleza La Mola in Mahón, where we had the opportunity to be with them for their photoshoot before all the guests arrived.

Afterwards, they reunited with their guests at the top of the fortress to enjoy the cocktail while their friends took care of entertaining with their music. The sunset was out of this world!!!!!

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